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“Hey, do you know where the bathroom is around here?”

“Yeah I think it’s just out to the left and down the hallway past registration.”

~ My immediate conversation with Kane Hodder as I walked up to get an autograph and a picture.

Recently, my son Hunter and I attended Flashback Weekend: Chicago Horror Con where I got to meet the greatest Jason Voorhees that ever donned the hockey mask. Kane was a super cool guy, personalized an autograph, and posed for a picture (and all while he has to pee, apparently!) He shook my hand and asked Hunter (behind me in line) if he minded waiting a few minutes so he could take a pit stop. Hodder is the third Jason actor I’ve met (CJ Graham and the late Steve Dash being the other two).)

The convention also included a great number of other celebrities from the horror world. Next to Hodder was Zach Galligan, who played the lead role in the 1984 film Gremlins. While in line for Hodder, I overheard a fan ask him what it was like to work with Phoebe Cates. His response was, "Oh, it was fun!" with a giant grin.

Other celebrities included Shawnee Smith (from the SAW movie series), Rich Koz (Svengoolie), former UFC champion Randy Couture, Halloween actors Nick Castle (the original Michael Myers), James Jude Courtney (Michael from the newest Halloween), and a panel of actors from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. The original station wagon from Halloween was also on display as were numerous vendors selling horror themed merchandise.

Although meeting Hodder was my top moment, Hunter had a different one. He was excited to get an autograph from Meat Loaf and had heard that the singer/actor was famous for talking to people for a long time. When he finally made it the front, they began talking, and Hunter mentioned wanting to try our for the role of Eddie the next time Rocky Horror is performed locally.

Meat Loaf asked him about Eddie's song and if Hunter knew it. To which Hunter said yes. They next thing he knows, Hunter is singing "Hat Patootie" with Meat Loaf, and I could not be happier that he was able to experience something so uplifting. (I wish I could have recorded it!)

I also spent some time thinking about what it would take to have a table at one of these conventions. My co-author/publicist/best friend (AKA - CAPBF), Anna Matthews is in agreement that getting to book signings is a great way to get people interested in our stories!

The convention also left me with a number of great ideas for future novels. There were a couple authors there selling books, so it is something to definitely look into in the future!

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