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Back in 2008, I filmed a few scenes for an independent movie in which I had a small role. You won't ever be able to find unless you know the director. Yes, I have a copy, but you have to be the most special of special people to see my “Officer Joe” portrayal.

I didn’t think I’d get another chance to appear in a film until last spring when I was asked by friend and filmmaker, Ash Hamilton to appear in “Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story.” Ash had written a documentary-style film and needed someone to play the role of a paranormal author (a real stretch, I know.) I jumped at the chance not only to help out a friend, but… I’m going to appear in a movie! And this time it will be seen by thousands of people!

The filming of my part only took a few hours, but it was such a great experience! There was no script. I was to supposed to react to questions asked of me regarding the existence of paranormal elements, primarily aliens and the validity of the story surrounding the documentary. The story focuses on the lead character, Sean Miller, who went missing for four days, seven years before the filming of the documentary.

Last weekend, I attended a private screening of the film with the rest of the cast and crew. It was a lawn chair affair (outdoor screening!) but I still pulled out the suit in order to feel like a big shot! The film was extremely well done, the score was magnificent, and shock value was thrilling! We were told that the film has already been accepted to a few film festivals (one of which gets approximately 15,000 people) and they are working through distribution channels to get the film in stores and streaming (Netflix? Hulu?)

I could not be prouder of this experience and of the film as a whole. It took a number of talented people to put this film together, and the end result certainly showed all the hard work in the final product. Once it becomes available to the general public, I highly recommend you watch "Holes in the Sky." You will not be disappointed.

As an added bonus (and because I'm being so stubborn about my first film experience) I made sure to add an image of my "Officer Joe" character. But that's all you're getting of him!

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