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"Pummeled: Submission"

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

"A burst of energy runs through her body when she slips the mask over her head. Bree slides on the gloves, punches her fists together, and races to the front door. She could still hear the man yelling at Sierra when she knocked the first time. Immediately the talking ceased, but she had no doubt they were inside." - “Pummeled: Submission”

I think back to the Fall of 2015 before I had any inclination that my dream of writing novels was ever going to be more than just that - a dream. Earlier that year, I was watching Wrestlemania where I caught my first glimpse of Ronda Rousey. She wasn’t one of the “rasslers” at the time, but rather right in the middle of her UFC glory days.

The segment involved her and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson beating up Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. I hadn’t watched the UFC in years, but I was intrigued by her abilities and demeanor. I didn’t know it at the time, but that segment (along with a few other things) would help me to launch my first novel, “Pummeled” in 2018 - a novel I began writing that same Fall.

And now? I stand here three months away from publishing the sequel, which at the time of the original publication was not something I’d had any thoughts about ever writing. “Pummeled: Submission” is currently with my editor and is on track for publication on Thanksgiving Day!

Sequels often have a tendency to disappoint, but I must say that I am pleased with how this novel has turned out. Bree Aniston has been my favorite character to write, and getting back to telling her story last year was exciting! (Not to mention, what a hell of a cover!)

Bree remains a central character in The Amalgam (my non-Cedar Lake writing universe, but who's to say a crossover won't ever happen...) so there's a pretty good chance you will see her again beyond this novel!

"Pummeled: Submission" is available for pre-order (Kindle version), and both the eBook and the paperback are set to release on November 25th!

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